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"My job is to make it easier for companies and people to get into the right     space, which fits there needs for the right price, all while staying on schedule."

Kyle R. McManus/ Principal

Kyle began his career in construction working as a laborer, cleaning up commercial job sites for his father’s general contracting company at just 12 years old.  He spent years on site every summer and every vacation learning hands-on how to work, how to build, and how to run a construction project.

At Salem High School, Kyle attended the architectural drafting program through the vocational school, while also working as an assistant project manager for Tenner Construction, Inc.  After graduation, Kyle became a United States Marine where he learned the value of individual discipline, teamwork, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than himself. After completing his time in the Corps, he attended White Pines College in Chester, NH, graduating with honors and earning an Associate degree.

After college, Kyle gravitated back to construction and found his passion for building.  He worked in several positions in the trades, working as a carpenter, painter, and equipment operator.  Kyle took that experiences and started working as a superintendent and a project manager on small projects where he had to personally deliver on the commitments he made.  This reinforced that communication with the team and key stakeholders is how projects get done.  His hands-on experience has provided a unique knowledge base to draw from while scheduling, planning, budgeting, and negotiating on various projects.

Kyle has spent over a decade working with nationwide franchise and corporate clients, ensuring the building spaces they would consider met their needs from core and shell requirements, from helping to work out appropriate TI dollars prior to lease, to designing spaces to fit their need while maintaining their brand standards.  Kyle set up and oversaw full procurement of design services, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. He traveled to the job site to monitor quality, to work out permitting and technical issues, and to ensure the project schedule was being maintained.

In business Kyle has developed strategic planning for the growth and development of the companies he’s worked with, setting up programs and training his workforce to go from startup to a multi-million-dollar company. Kyle brings his years of experience building and managing construction services along with his customer-focused desire to help build your vision, be it a single location or hundreds of locations nationwide.

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