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Lovebirds Donuts - Kittery, ME

TCS worked with the owners to find a kitchen equipment vendor that could provide great service and competitive pricing. Working together, we finalized the original concept drawings, allowing for possible expansion of services, storage, and a corporate office. TCS provided a working budget to ensure that during the design process the project would remain in the original budget. TCS completed the architectural and engineering plans to get into permitting as quickly as possible.

TCS worked with the owners to complete the finish schedules and cabinet elevations. As soon as permits where available we started construction (millwork, equipment, and finishes had already been in process to save time) and we were able to complete the location in just 9 weeks. The owners had made a few additional requests along the way the ultimately created a more complete look and better functioning space. The result is something we are especially proud of as the project team was dedicated to accomplishing the owner’s vision and they are thrilled with the end product. We look forward to working with them on their next location!

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