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Owners Representative


Bigger buildings can mean bigger time commitments! Let TCS give you time to run your business while we work as your representative in the construction world. With TCS on your team, you will have dedicated staff working on your project from site selection through competition.

Some of the biggest consumers of time is the need to continually repeat your desire to the next player.  This can lead to missed information, delays and missed opportunities. TCS can provide continuity of leadership to the entire team from location selection, through move-in day. We work with you to establish your needs, budgets, and schedules, and with a single point of accountability, you will be kept up to date for a complete understanding of progress that will help ensure you can plan your business needs.

TCS Goals and Objectives include:

  • Provide a professional level of understanding at all levels in the process

  • Ensure that you are meeting your original schedules and budgets

  • Provide professional monitoring and selection of all consulting services

  • Allow you to continue to run your current business

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