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AFC Urgent Care  - South Portland, ME

TCS worked with the owners to validtate the space before leasing, ensureing that the construction would fit into the budet for their proforma.  We then competitively bid the project, went under a fixed price contract based off the owner provided plans and specifications.  

TCS worked with the owners to complete the construction schedule which meet there need and enabled a hard time line for planing there opening.  As soon as permits where available we started construction (millwork, equipment, and finishes had already been in process to save time) and we were able to complete the location in just 11 weeks. The owners had made a few additional requests along the way the ultimately created a more complete look and better functioning space. The end product came together to provide the unmistakable branding and function of an AFC Urgent Care, with the quality that TCS brings to every project.  We are getting ramped up to help AFC Urgent Care of Maine open several more centers in the coming months!!

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